MCAT, winding up the Talent


MCAT, winding up the Talent

Ali Abbas Khan

Living in the legendary land of Pakistan, the inhabitants  are confronted with the severe problem of classification accompanied with other social issues. Middle class even is divided into three corners like, upper-middle, middle-middle and lower-middle. Teachers and public servents, who have their seats in lower-middle class ever pre-empt to get roosted in middle or upper-middle class through specific technology of educating their children, but it’s unknown to them that they will be handicapped if they wish to cross net-web articulated by elite-class. This is how, education sector having such elite-pundits is winding-up the careers of talented youth.

The field of education had only medical and public services fields, where curiousity of lower-middle was imbued through adjustment of their children, but this time, every such dream of parents ended up in the smoke. Mcat of August 20, 2017 revealed buckets of secrets and caused shivering moments for concerned parents from lower-middle class because paper was leaked-out as well as paper-setters made it to the  such toughest level as they could. Even tweets emerged to the social accounts, which were causing much disgrace to the education system of country like, “Thanked to Papa, who paid half million for paper and i got it night before”. A normal-mind can ask that what is it being done? For whom is it being done?

Firstly, MCAT being arranged for admission to medical colleges is giving surge to questions upon the education system itself. On one side, MCAT has 50% weightage while other side gives 50% importance to the whole career (which means 12 years education). If government is enacting for MCAT test then it means that government itself doesn’t trust system of examination. Isn’t it unjust that a boy having 95% marks in FSC couldn’t get admission to medical college owing to hurdle like MCAT? Secondily, If parents exhorting child with dream of medical college succeed to get good marks then will they be able to send him into academies, which demand bundles of green, blue notes? If he will not be sent into Torcia, Kips or Stars then his parents have no owned-right of dreaming big. This is the Net-Web of elites, which is ruining the talent of our nation.

Such net-web system can exhibit the way of medical colleges to those parents, who can afford 2-3 millions for their lad. While lower-middle class now can’t dream of crossing net-web because upper-class have changed the system of filtration. In short, King Edward and Allama Iqbal medcial colleges had reserved seats for students, whose parents held best-status in the society. Lower-middle class even can’t have way of abroad for medical education because they can’t afford. While those who afford from middle-middle are paving way for their children of China, which is no more than ruining the talent because such Chinese-graduated students can’t cope with PMDC papers.

Being thankful to Lahore Highcourt and panel, which reported against this corruption in the education system, what to talk of purity and patriotism, those who have not left nurturing-sector of country (education); how can they be trusted? When whole the myth has been revealed even then authorities are unwilling to declare culprits. Perhaps, sifting inquiry from the hands of FIA to Punjab police and implying so-called sections are exhibiting that some big-guns are at the back of this melodrama. If this line is tracked then searcher can expect him standing at left or right of  Khadam punjab. Having the introspection of such scandal, who will blow off the flame of uncertainity amid the concerned parents? Habib Jalib’s fan (Punjab Speed Chief Minister) didn’t appear to talk  about this scam, who doesn’t miss a chance to be highlighted. Would that! someone were bold enough to ask Showbaz Sharif a question that what is the guilt of innocent students belonging  to lower-middle families?

If students concerned about medical education are asked that what they are enacting then obviously, they will curse this system. Couple of days ago, I switched on T.V and Kamran Shahid was broadcasting program (ON THE FRONT) on Duniya News with Mcat students. God knows better that i couldn’t help myself without weeping because those six students were having medals in their careers. One of them had medals in middle, matriculation, intermediate with honoury trip by Shahbaz sharif and he couldn’t get through this net-web. Shahbaz Sharif talks of such education system, where students are given questions, not found in their course for hiding corruption. You yourself imagine for a moment that don’t such students deserve admissions?

Once again, Ray of hope has been ushered to concerned parents and students by re-arranging MCAT upon the verdict of LHC. Students have initiated preparatory sessions while parents with raised hands are begging for their success in such muddied system. Hitherto, main culprits havn’t been clutched to scene. In such myth, how can uncertainity of parents be washed away? How can it be expected that this time, everything will be righto? In short, upper-class should be requested that no one will cross your net-web and enter into elitism; In return, you will not finger education system. Such oath  can only assure purity and ensure true talent. Otherwise nothing can be expected from royal-corrupt family, who can chant only slogan; educated Punjab, educated Punjab and educated Punjab.