I will not go to Punjab


I will not go to Punjab

Ali Abbas Khan

On the podium of United Nation, Theresa May talked about the character; who introduced May to her husband, her best-fellow with indomitable qualities and one who was brutally murdered for being a liberal-minded woman and for sake of democratic values named Benazir Bhutto. Perhaps, these words  from such like rostrum worked for the happiness of democratic people of terrain, if not then they might have memories of this forum (1967) when  diplomat and intelligent Bhutto surprised the world-leadership through his words and leaving this union. Every Pakistani-leader makes the best-speech in United Nation, but what Bhutto did, will remain part of memories for democratic-people. Not only Theresa May but also whole the world is admirer of Bhutto family and their sacrifice for country and its democracy.

When ZA Bhutto concocted his own political-party for uplifting the voices of poor-people, such eager enthusiasm on the part of Bhutto with slogan (ROTI, KAPRA, MAKAAN) took enumerated workers to his fold. He was Bhutto, who chanted slogan of socialism for the welfare of labours in feudal society. How can even lower class forget Bhutto, who darted them towards Gulf and European countries by ushering passport easily? Deeds of Bhutto through perpetual efforts like, Wah Ordinance factory, Pakistan Steel Mill, Pak-China Friendship, initiation of nuclear program, are the ones which made him deep-rooted amid the public and that’s why masses were ready to die for him even at a single call. Nowadays, people exhort that why candle light of PPP came to diminish having followers, who felt no harm in dying for Bhutto?

Answer to them should be simple; Bhutto family passing through tumultuous conditions, did two horrible mistakes during whole the story, which could neither be corrected nor be amended. Firstly, to select Zia-ul-Haq by toppling ten generals and awarding him seat of chief. Secondly, what Nusrat Bhutto decided to make lineage with Zardaari family through Benazir wedding, was wrong verdict? These two blunders left Bhutto family of nowhere because Gen. Zia-ul-Haq left no stone unturned for sidelining Bhutto upon the dictation of foreign-big guns and Zardaari being son of money-maker family destroyed the name of Daughter of East through his corrupt-doings. Result of NA-120 exhibited PPP with 1400 votes only, Was this vote-bank of Bhutto family in Punjab especially Lahore? Would that ZA or Benazir Bhutto were alive!

 What a time! when Pakistani streets had leadership like Bhutto. Even Benazir’s rally of 1985 and election of 1988 couldn’t be underlined at any cost, which was aftermath of people’s love. Political parties shouldn’t forget that PPP had power to have hundred-thousand votes for even electric-pole during time of Original Bhuttos. Furore was to this extreme-level that Late. Fasal Hussain Rai from Faisalabad and Malik Mehraj Khalid, Jhangir Badr from Lahore grasped the entity of Provincial and National seat-holders. If Gen. Zia’s foundry wasn’t bolstered by Establishment then PPP had power enough to clean sweep the ground in election of 1988. Harvardian and daughter of Bhutto had qualities of father and leading Nation (exhibited in 1988 election), but Zardaari factor led her down to end.

So far as PPP is concerned after Benazir demise, Veteran and Mad for Bhutto followers have made way to other political-factions with reservations because Bilawal or Zardaari even not articulated the policy, which deterred them through decorum reason during tenure. What Zardaari did through vacating 34-Banglows around Bilawal House Karachi with force and installing sugar mills? Nothing, but provided idealogical followers of PPP with reason to maroon party. What a personality was ZA Bhutto! who never had house anywhere except hometown during and after premiership. Furthermore, PPP-    idealogical workers  ever instigated PML(n) as offspring of Zia-ul-Haq, but Zardaari’s patch-up with Sharif brothers hoodwinked the trust of workers. Similarly, what Zardaari did through concordat with Ch.Zahur Ellahi family to prolong his government? Will Gujratis, who spent years in jail for party (PPP) vindicate this idealogy?

Not only Gujrat but also whole the Punjab has been shaped to this end. So-called international level party of Bhutto has been pushed into Sindh only through Zardaari’s deeds, where Sindhis are making it alive by exhibiting “Unconditional Positive Regards” for mausoleums of Bhutto family. Otherwise PPP-recent-owners are inoculating nothing-commendable. Even Masses got shocked over decision of Benazir case by  anti-terrorism court because no obscurantism is there that beneficary like Zardaari has fingers in this case. Do you ponder that still idealogical-followers have reason to move with party?

Now, Pakistan people’s party claim should be assemblance to this movie-name; “I Will Not Go To Punjab” because what Nusrat Bhutto’s mistake did to this party in Punjab couldn’t be expected from leadership of such party. Revival of PPP in Punjab can be clutched through two options; Firstly, Nazeer Naji solution is the best one (Bring Bhutto’s mausoleum to Minar-e-Pakistan, which can act as cynosure for masses). Secondly, Bhutto came out of grave to strenghten his party (which is impossible). In short,  What party confronted after its real-democratic leaders, left her with zero-fame? Now, PPP like new-Bride will stick to this stance; I will not go to Punjab.