Explosives in the Hands of Monkey


Explosives in the Hands of Monkey

Ali Abbas Khan

With the arrival of Trump to Oval office, World was introduced to uncertainty and dissatisfaction amid the public. Actually, nuclear weapons designed under codename “the Manhattan Project” with direction of J.Robert Oppenheimer got their codes into the hands of Trump like person. The man with codes had harsh-portfolio of meeting tough-leaders in their way like, Kim Jung-un was to be dealt with bombs, not through diplomacy. Trump, Unknown to diplomatic way, caused agony to pyongyang, from where even hydrogen bomb can be fired at any moment. Viewing from this prospective, both leaders are great threat to peace and stability of the world.

When Trump’s tomfoolery acts astonish my vision, words of Presidential-election-nominee; Hillary Clinton comes to mind that country like America shouldn’t have the president like Mr.Trump, who doesn’t know the way of diplomacy and carries racist approach. Her talks about having such like personality in the White House would isolate America, are coming true. If it’s said that replacing Democrate like, Obama by Trump was not hovering deal then everyone with positivist-approach will admit this fact because What enactment is being done for North-Korea, will damage the paving ground? If North-Koreans are expecting second-Korean-war with United-States then Having ballistic missiles with powerheads, Can’t they wage it?

After inoculating new-style of war with nuclear weapons, a few states grasped technology including North-Korea; Democratic People’s Republic of Korea under totalitarian dictatorship. This one party state never had fine-relations with Americans, either it was Korean war or Trump’s dialogue (fire and fury). Hostility between two countries came to surface in the result of Cold War, even mid 19th century had closure of border for trade by Korea. General Sherman Incident (1866) furthered the gap of relations between leadership of both nations. Russo-Japanese-war negotiation put trade relation of 1882 to devastation, hence White House neither could sustain peace-treaty with Korea nor afford war with them. In fact, Interest still matters  for Oval office, which they apprehend by investing on Gulf-states and territories with oil-wells. North-Korean war will usher no prolific result for Americans except destruction at large, owing to which they are not waging war.

Recently, North-Korea launched thermonuclear bomb with capacity of thousands miles to threat Americans. Perhaps, Kim Jung-un has orchestrated Korean domes about  impending-fraught-circumstances because neither White House attained well through diplomacy nor through sanctions. On the contrary, uncertain president in shape of Trump is working in the Oval office, whose agenda during compaign was even not rational, how can he hoodwink this issue to side? Both hegemons, either Korean or American shouldn’t have access to nuclear-codes because one is dictator and other is ill-minded person, who don’t know aftermaths of tranquality. Obama  proved himself, president of sole-unipolar-country through his doings for the best of peace and stability. How effectively Obama-panel sidelined Mullahs to enter into nuclear circle and also kept North-Korea into limits?

On August 8, 2017, Donald Trump stated that he would wage a “war of fire and fury” on North Korea if they did not stand down from their nuclear weapons tests. The prevailing situation is that North Korea is attempting to get Trump to strike first, causing China to side with the Republic of North Korea, sparking fears of a Second Korean war in South Korea and the US, and other nations around the globe. But if Kim strikes the USA first, China have vowed to side with the states. Kim Jong-un has stated that the KPA is “on the standby to launch fire into its mainland, waiting for an order of final attack”. Nations around the globe have claimed both Trump’s and Kim’s comments are “over the top” and “outrageous”. There are also fears in the tiny US overseas territory of Guam, because they happen to be the closest US owned terrain to North Korea and a nuclear device from the communist country would take an estimated 14 minutes to hit the territory, giving the remaining inhabitants (if the US Navy and other nations have not already evacuated as much of the 150,000+ population as possible) no time at all to react, and leaving them on quite literally “a hope and a prayer”.

Not only these two-states are heading towards war but also whole the world is being darted towards the pith owing to ill-morale behavior of leaders. If Europe is introspected then European big-guns are having racist-behavior, either sitting in power or opposition. Angela Merkal is the only name from European-Nazi Germany with liberal approach, whose pre-emptions don’t remain ready for slaying. Theory of liberalism was introduced by the Europeans, but perhaps they themselves are taking it through context of extremism. What a contradiction! Muslims are called terrorists and Americans (who killed almost 200,000 in Japan) are peace-keepers of the globe.

Utilizing fission and fusion reaction for nuclear weapons, humanity have touched  a point which will put everything to end through small quantity of matter. These clandestine-codes should be property of caring and responsible hegemons, not like Trump and Kim Jung-un; who put humanity to phobia even at harsh-dialogue exchange. Every religion utters about doomsday with different notions, which is approaching speedily because War in any part of world will clutch shape of world war through nuclear weapons and will put stop. Can’t it be said that war between Pakistan and India, North Korea and America or Muslims and Non-muslims will be nuclear-world war? In short, Explosives have been accessed by Monkies, So we should keep bowing before God because at any moment, we will have to give up the Ghost.