Immoral Rituals


   Immoral Rituals

Ali Abbas Khan

Societal system of the European terrains is  known to everyone and compells ones to be part of it. Either it is fine-flow  of system or something else behind such compelling, we have to accept this cynosure. Social Justice is something, which acts as building-block for the best societies; this formula was inoculated amidst the Arabs by the greatest-teacher and decision maker of earth (Prophet Muhammad(SAW)). Being muslims and upholders of Prophet Muhammad(SAW)’s name, such system must be followed from the Islamic countries, but all the happenings are reverse to it. Actually, social justice gives no ground to unemployment, depression, poverty, lawlessness and others social-facts resembling to discussed in the hovering-states because leaders to these states have full-understanding of this term (Social Justice).

It is a fact; people love to have European-visa and be part of modren-society because they feel protected regarding their rights and facilities without asking for them. Perhaps, Most Europeans have yet not look of court-rooms because system  there doesn’t demand for it, contradictory to the muslim-societies. Were these beauties regarding social-system not delivered by Unique-Preacher of this universe? Once listening to BBC after arrival of new-Mayor of London(Sadiq Khan) to office, my ears and eyes remained stunt for a while  because England had alteration in the Transport system; Buses were having posters (Prophet Muhammad as the greatest preacher of Universe). At that moment question surged to mind; Are they muslims or us?

Recently, Islamic calendar passed  Eid-ul-Azha away and the muslims opened mouth of their banks for having far-famed animal of area. Everyone among the opulent-bodies pre-empted to tag this fame (i.e. Mr.So and So is having largest bull of the area for sacrifice), but what about the poor; whom you are compelling to inferiority complex. Perhaps to my best knowledge, this isn’t Sunnat-Ibrahimi that one is showing of ones money under this sacred-event. Nodoubt, Pakistan grasped independence day with the deepest vision of Two Nation Theory and Islamic Idealogy, but it doesn’t mean that power is vested to us regarding amendment of Islamic values according to needs.

Almost a year back, father-tresa and humanitarian-legend (Abdul Sattar Edhi) left downtroddens and big-guns crying on his deadbody. State- funeral was annouced with Gun-salute, but such soul held refusal from National-level-cleric about his funeral. Be neutral for minute and think, what was his fault? Was getting babies from dustbins and giving them  name for better-future his ill-morale-act? In fact, clerics mafia have bolstered their roots amid public being upholders of sensitive-issue like, religion. Even rostrums of clergy have controlled sensitive-mechanism of the muslims; followers remain ready to slay each other if there lie differences. What  to speak of social-justice, mullahs have pointed them to this end; Sunnis are pre-empting to kill Shias and other factions vice versa.

Prevailing-Pakistani-Society is there without dearth of faith-healers, who don’t think that what’s our belief? Being muslim, What are we doing? Are we not causing harm to ourselves? It is beyond speculations that muslim-society had faith-healers like, Data Ganj Bakash, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Shah Shams Tabraez, but their hearts and minds were imbued with true-Islamic-teachings. Coming-up to present-days, long-list of names is known to me of faith-healers, who are just being bowed and know nothing. In our reculcitrant society, If student fails in Westren-education then his parents either send him to Madrassa for becoming Molvi or he turns-up as faith-healer. Is this Islam, preached by Prophet Muhammad(SAW)? Furthermore, every father has much to worry about his daughter’s future. Firstly, either father is landlord or not, his daughter needs best-schooling to be part of better-family in coming time. Secondly, his remaining-money urges for investment in daughter’s dowry. My approach is not against such dowry, which father wishes and can easily give, but how boy-side demands for it. If we consider ourselves the muslims then it should be understood that why beautiful and characterful girls are residing at their fathers’ doors? Those, who consider this demanding-dowry concept right then they should ponder; Had daughter of Muhammad (SAW), Hazrat Fatima(R.A.) such dowry or Was it demanded by Hazrat Ali (R.A.)?

Having no mark of social-Justice, society has been sabotaged because Molvi shapes Islam according to his needs and bags money by flabbergasting about eternal-life. Contradictory to European society, politics is not for sociol-welfare, but it is utilized as podium by tycoons to protect their interests. Before 1985, aristrocracy had roots in political-affairs for best-boosting of their feudalism while after this date, buisness-tycoons apprehended these offices to get rid of imposed-taxes. Why Sharif and Zardaari families are demoralizing themselves for throne? Don’t they have rupees to pass their lives happily? In short, every institution of State either it’s education sector or health has been put to end. Every seat-holder in office has fingered his hands into mud and attained the title of being corrupt.

Pakistan is yet not, out of woods because water-level of social issues has escalated above the heads. Everyone amidst the heads of institutions has monopalized and enjoying such status with rythmic-beats. Social-justice is standing nowhere in Pakistani-society, which is nucleas of social-mud and every door can be swept through such justice. In contrast, these characters have gripped the pulses of people and are well-aware of pressing them at ripe time. Pressure is not, for Islam, but the way, Islam is being followed because such teachings are not ushered by our Prophet Muhammad(SAW).