A hot cake for Trump’s America


A hot cake for Trump’s America

         Ali Abbas Khan

Almost nine months and couple of days ago, the world was shaken at high-speed in the result of Trump’s victory in the United-states of America. All the perceptions by important corners (which never-ever guessed wrong about future of US) like, The Telegraph, Washington Post, New York Times went contradictory and Hillary Clinton, a remarkable and far-famed  Democrate confronted fiasco. Uncertain-man came to power replacing intellectual-American chocolate hero, Barack Obama and romance-lover, Bill Clinton. Obama’s policy to the world, was not thatmuch extremism-based, but his slogan was to spread tranquality and patronised humanity. This is true; Oval office is having Trump, but Is he truly President of American-masses-hearts? Is Trump the right-person to protect the mandate of American nation?

It is beyond speculations that what Trump promised during compaign to White House is being followed; Banning Muslims, sanctioning Iran, putting North-Korea to hard-stance and hitherto, policy for Southeast-Asia. If Trump is paralleled with last-republican, George Bush(Junior) then such comparison will get you amazed that present-holder of White House has more radical-approach and killing-designs. Bush(Junior) did hard to the world, but his allies within or outside the terrian vindicated him, either it was Iraq invasion or departing troops to Kabul.  Pentagon, variant unions and agencies were having patronage for Bush(junior), will this-man (Trump)be capable enough to hold such support? As he is being agitated for his actions by Public, it doesn’t exhibit that Oval office will demand his signatures for even next-year.

Recently, Trump has come-up with the most-awaited-policy about Southeast-Asia, where he has badly-harmed himself by ushering hardlines to partner like, Pakistan. It can be said directly that Ignoring Pakistan in this region, United-state has signed danger for her sole-unipolarity; how? China, being friend to Pakistan and 2nd-largest economy is having regional-financial-interests with this part of land. Chinese, a selfish-nation will obviously protect their interest( CPEC, where they have invested more than $60 Billions). Russia already faced defeat of communism by capitalism, which turned her contradictory to every policy of White House. The Russians also are pre-empting to monopalize the world, hoodwinking American’s  sole-unipolarity. Likewise, it’s ripe time for Pakistan  to kindle Iran from the clutches of India because if Mullahs’ slogan (stand against America) is chanted then they will stand with you. Turkey and other Islamic nation-states are only in dire need of pinching-stance  like, we are Muslims.

Coming-up to Pakistan, which has enacted the best this time, marooning no loophole regarding her policy against Oval office. Deterring American-Foreign Ministry to Pakistan with excuse(high-office-bearers are busy) and post-poning Khawaja Asif’s tour of America have stamped that Pak-hegemons are having grudges and will do something-unexpected. Trump’s friend, India can’t perform this job because a key-player ever plays best. Perhaps, this impending block of Southeast-Asia region is the foundation of American isolation because this region includes World-game-changers in the form of Russia and China while role of others also can’t be underlined. CIA Chief, Michal Moreal uttered to New York(Online); “America depends on Pakistan, Pakistan doesn’t need America”.  Actually, Pakistan had front-man role for White House in Afghanistan, who will perform this supporting role now?

Inspite of $100 billions loss to economy and carrying almost 70,000 corteges, Pakistan went impartial  in war of terrorism, but Americans droped bombs to such honesty and darted Pakistanis as culprits behind Afghanistan-war-failure instead of praising. So far as Trump’s policy is concerned, it’s full of flaws because if 1,50000 troops were not able to shape victory then how can adding more troops do this job? With theory of Radicalism, Trump kept Indian-pundits happy, but it can’t withdraw itself from  American-graveyard articulated by Talibans in Afghanistan. Most of the corners are having keen-eye on the faces of Pakistan-military-establishment, who have shift in its attitude after Salala operation. Pakistani-military-Generals  like, Zia-ul-Haq, Musharaf and then Kiyani up to extent boosted of America and bagged notes. Gen.Raheel restored institutional link with America only and came harsh to them. Bajwa, front-man of soldiers welfare is also following Raheel’s footsteps.

Papering Foreign office tour to Moscow and Beijing, Islamabad has decided to put tough-circumstances into American alley by moving not on Trump’s shoulder.Years were spent by American leaders  to keep Washintong DC as centre and above all the globe, but what Trump has unleashed within short-span of almost 5 months, is worrying masses. His motto (Lets make America great again) during compaign should be peeped this way; Lets make America isolate again because Trump’s steps are pointing nation towards depressions. Would that healer like, George Washington were here. In short, it’s upto American public that how are they watching this policy drama and what will they do? No obscurantism left and Afghan policy has become hot cake for Trump’s America.