Behind The Chair?


Behind The Chair?

Ali Abbas Khan

Residing in Pakistan, if one is asked to read between the lines of Pakistan-Constitution-Preamble then the reader will be amazed to know the facts; Sovereignty is the God’s power and then is vested to constitution and parliament. To the Westren-Style of democracy which is meant for the people, by the people and to the people; legislative parliament has its members, nominated by the masses. Civilian-Supremacy is the terminalogy sombered with parliament. Another astonishing fact is the property of Pakistan that here, civilian-leaders have never enjoyed civilian-supremacy from red-letter day till today except short-span of Bhutto.

Jinnah, man of words couldn’t deepen the roots of Pakistan inspite of being Governor-General and father of this nation. He came across ill-health issues, reasons to which are still known to us. What happened to towering-personality on the Highway to Hyderabad, not need unleashing? Liaqat Ali Khan’s slaying in Liaqat Bagh can’t be considered as myth owing to his purity and well-wishes for nation. Inspite of being Nawab, his suit at the time of death was having holes in pockets; commendable sincerity-level for country that’s why Pakistanis loved him and he was disposed by establishment. Quaid-e-Millat’s vote bank still have roots in the public and one-leader can’t help himself without this bank in Pakistan-National-Election. After disposing Khan, Establishment went stronger and rule came into the hands of Military-dictator for a period of almost ten years. Here came bully-man in the name of ZA-Bhutto for short-time, but he really tasted civilian-supremacy.

Actually, War of 1971 pushed military-establishment to the back as military confronted fiasco in East-Pakistan and more than 80000 soldiers were handicapped by weapons and kilometres of territory came under Indian-Army. Pakistan had nothing to exchange, but we had Bhutto; A politician found nowhere and his style, mentality and convincing power had no semblance. Indian-leader like Indira Gandhi was brought to table by Bhutto at Simla and latter-man through dialogue and diplomacy shaped defeat into victory. Such return of soldiers and territory marooned no space for military-establishment and they had to visualize civilian-supremacy due to their own-faults. Contrarily, works done by Bhutto are better-eyed by everyone because what he did in short-span couldn’t be done.

With movement of time, Military-establishment-body became capable of running, it did the same job. Becomming part of world power politics, Establishment sidelined Bhutto and then disposed him of the world. Again Military-dictator; Zia-ul-Haq held the steer of nation-ship. To enjoy long-tenure, civilian-leaders were brought to frying-pan in the form of Muhammad Ali Junejo. As, Junejo was man, noted for austerity and humble to everyone; the thing which posted him high amid public. Then, Seat-holders did their job of disposing this man through 8th amendment because popular-figure didn’t and still doesn’t befit with attitude of Big-Guns. After Junejo, International-touched lady, daughter of East and Harvardian; Benazir with Bhutto lineage came to power. She fought best for  the best-interest of public and 1986-hovering rally was proof of public-love for their leader. It was unfortune-decison that Benazir held wife to Asif Ali Zardari, which diminished the light of Bhutto family.

Nawaz Sharif had been concocted by Military-dictator (Zia-ul-haq) to overcome Bhutto’s furore in the region without any specific-idealogy. What Five supreme-judges of supreme-court have penned about former-premier needs no fabrication because verdict and findings are rightly remarked. How beautifully Sharif family has shaped their buisness to apex holding hegemony, is also well-known to my nation.  Masses are having much knowledge to their sides about awarding  immunities  to relatives by Nawaz Sharif, but the fact should be admitted that one corner of this depressed-nation has erotomanic-delusion for Nawaz Sharif. Hitherto, Nawaz Sharif is not going to get his family name in ECL because everything is being moved through decorum-plan. Family will have to enjoy European weather and Nawaz Sharif will have to sit there and wait for call.

Those, who have dreamed Imran Khan as next premier are residing in fools  paradise. It’s obvious that military-establishment don’t crave popular-man to PM House because such leaders have public-tongue and don’t imbue their bellies like, Junejo uttered after getting roosted that leaders should end tasting luxury-cars and utilize smaller ones. Likewise, Straight-forwardman like Imran Khan, who has young-generation at his patronage will not come to terms with military-establishment. Establishment has gained its puppet-premier; no one can be best than Abbasi for ruling behind the chair.

Those, who are worried about impending election(2018) should need not worry because it has been decided. Cowboy and Former Interior Minister (Chaudary Nisar) will be asked to come, but under certain conditions.  If Shahbaz accepts the terms then he will be allowed entry into PM House. Inspite of coming to terms, if he pre-empts to go for fame-graph in the public then Molvi sb will be called at any time from Canada to act like sword (14 murders of model-town and Hudabiya papers are the best swords). That’s how rule in our country will move, mostly in the hands of  military-establishment. Now, it’s to them that either will they rule behind the chair or from the front of chair.