Not to be Disappointed


Not to be Disappointed


Amidst the South-Asia, Pakistan and India are the two arch-rival-constituents with a slew of issues yet to be resolved; Kashmir is the burning issue between both the states from the day of division. Pakistan appeared on the map of World with robust vision of two-nation theory; A slogan chanted through letter to Government of Banaras (1868) by Sir Syed then by Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam about the representation of Muslims. In his presidential address of Muslim league; Quaid forcefully stated, ” Muslims and Hindus can’t live together as one nation because they are having nothing in common, neither they interdine nor intermingle”(December 29, 1930). Later, the year was 1940, when M. Jinnah uttered for separate homeland for the Muslims of Sub-continent.

This South-Asian region is having 5.2 million-square kilometers land with 1.7billions population out of total. Economically, such vast-region is less-integrated owing to lack of confidence because neighbours are not ushering themselves helpful to each other. Trade amid the Asian-countries is just 25-percent, which is too low. Since inception or zoning, Pakistan and India never signed a single treaty to uplift their economies by trading. Still, they are not conjuring-up themselves to be best neighbours.

Actually, flaws are there on both parts and a few influential are not aspirant of this patch-up. Boths are abuzz in trade with far-off lands, but not with each other. At the time of Gen. Musharaf, situation went a bit better regarding solution to this gap, but change of governments left pages opened. United States bumped “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” to Hiroshima and Nagasaki slaying 1, 46000 and 80,000 with emittance of radioactive rays respectively. Inspite that carnage at large, Japan and White House are friends and sombered themselves with a deluge of trade-treaties. Likewise, United-Kingdom had 13 colonies on the Land of Americus, but George Washington and other hegemons agitated for their independence and fought wars even. Facing such aftermaths, if England and America are known as cousins then why not India and Pakistan be posted to such-level? If Japan forgets such large number of causalities then Pakistan and India can be best-neighbours resolving Kashmir-issue.

Standing at 70th year of life, if Pakistan peeps back then nothing will be visualized except the elements of hopelessness because our brothers, sisters and relatives there in India are not living enjoyable lives, but below the poverty level ( Muslims in India, who live below this level are 52.3%). In Pakistan, per capita income of Muslims stand at  $1460 while Indian-muslims are having $400 per capita income. Even average monthly income of Indian muslims, who live below poverty line  is $5 or less. Contrarily, We are not thatmuch great here as orchestrated by our invigilators because state concocted on true-idealogy of religion has become periphery-state protecting others interest.

Optimistically, mothers of this nation have cradled enumerated-domes imbued with talent and intelligence. Arfa Kareem, a girl of no-age shook the tycoon of softwares by designing a new-one; Bill Gates, Nuclear heroes like Dr.Abdul Qadeer  and Dr.Samar Mubarak, fighters like Rashid Minhas shaheed, Humanitarian like Abdul Sattar Edhi and German-born Pakistan Dr. Ruth Pfau who sacrificed her life to rank this first and did it in 1996 when WHO stated Pakistan as leprosy-free-country and undoubted living-legends like Raheel Sharif are the names of our proud. Still, we are confronting blind-alley because yet correction is demanded to mend our ways . M. Jinnah craved this land to be laboratory for new-experiments because he was man of honor, resolve and character. whatever he did was commenable and was in the best interest of Pakistan.

To conclude; This 70th birthday approached and passed, let’s promise not to convex ourselves in disputes not good for us and our country. Being Pakistanis, we will follow the idealogy of Quaid and Iqbal. Let’s take oath; “We are Pakistanis, second to none and we should own finish-line. We should not forget this”.