Beggars can’t be choosers


Ali Abbas Khan

Since its inception as an independent state, Pakistan appeared inheritedly weak with meagre means of its survival. One wonders, if Pakistan can be named as truly-independent state, which imbues the requirements of state like  defined territory, population, government and sovereignty. However, sole-unipolar America and Pakistan’s arch-rival India are not even declared-independent states with such definition then how can Pakistan be included into it, whose sovereignty ever has been called into question either it was search-operation in Abbotabad or drone fired to kill Mullah Masood?

Economically, Pakistan ever remained in need of fuel from variant-rich countries for its 43rd largest economy of globe kept running in nominal term. Agriculture sector contributed only 50% in 1947 while FY2016-17 had greatest chunk by service sector(59.59%)  and industrial sector remained to 20.88% of GDP. Not only paradigm stands here but also broads its circle because after 9/11 Gen. Musharaf being president had $12 billions for military and industrial assistance, which led to escalation of 3.1% GDP in FY2002. Remittance and foriegn exchange reserved more than doubled to reach $2.39 billions and $6.43 billions respectively. FDI went $485 millions and trade deficit decreased to $1.2 billions. In return, Pakistan lent her soveriegnty and yet facing aftermaths in shape of Afghan and talibans then indeed, it can’t be ranked as independent.

On the security front, being part of Westren alliances like Seato and Cento; Pakistan lost much during Cold war and Afghan War and yet sacrifices are being ushered to the concocted-terrorism of the West. My pen is feeling not ashamed of saying that generals and think-tanks have verged us and 7th standing Army to this point. Were the doings on part of Gen Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Musharaf  righto? Everyone will agree to “Theory of Imperialism” by Johan Galtung with the notion of “Periphery States”; those states which depend on core-states to run their economy. Hence, Oscar Award should be awarded to Pakistan for becoming true-parasite of periphery state.

This is not Pakistan, which was orchestrated by M.Jinnah with robust beliefs of equality and justice because sectarianism, poverty, un-employment with a slew of other sociol-issues were not dreamed by creme-de-la-creme in his land. Stephen Cohen, American-political-scientist writes in his book; Pakistan is country with greatest advantage of its location but combining its geo-political importance  with inherent state weakness, one can easily realise that it has become prone to external influence of great-powers. Such reason is there, that this land has been enacting as front-line state to protect others interest like Americans. Geo-politically, security, economy and international effect hinder its growth and act as hurdles in its way to glory. Likewise, if Asian-tiger; China is investing more than $60 billions then it’s obvious that Pakistan will be exhorted to safe-guard her interest. It’s not quite obscure about English proverb; “Beggars can’t be choosers”.

Actually, it’s true that sensible and patriotic leadership  means something to glory of any nation. The year was 1949 when Chinese got independence two-years after our red-letter day, but the drugged-nation is having 2nd largest economy with threats to analysts and think-tanks of world about Thucidydes Trap and clutching the status of sole-unipolarity. Similarly, Japanese even after confronting nuclear attack in WW2 are erracting themselves in the front-rows owing to perpetual-hardwork with idealogy. Fatherland (Germany) also was sabotaged in WW2, but Angela Merkel has her say; how such nations stood fast in competition? Their leaders darted them to what was true and beneficial for their nations unlike to us and proved themselves patriotic to their lands.

Monarchial rulers are themselves near to end with their Kingdoms, but salute to our heirarchies who have debted this nation to Kingdoms as well. Can’t they compel us to follow their policy, who have unleashed barrels of oil free of cost to this country? Recently, Pakistan emerged to act mid-person role in resolving conflict between Saudi-Arabia and Qatar, but couldn’t perform this job. It’s point note-worthy that how a passengar of two-boats can direct boat to his desired path? International Arena is googled busy in issues like climate change, how to save world, life on other planets while our land is still with progenies of sectarianism (He is infidel, kill him), Honor killing and girls should be taught with boys or not? Had Iqbal dreamed of such tumultuous and demoralized Pakistan?

In short, Leaders can do anything if they wish while we are having leaders, who agitate; if justice prevails and corrupt-tycoons are sent to jail. Keeping busy-highway locked for 4 days with complete-shutdown of business is the revolution being brought by Nawaz Sharif; who will call him democratic leader?

To conclude; On the 70th birthday of Quaid’s Pakistan, nothing is on our part to gift his grave except new-promises like, impending birthday will have mainstreaming of national politics with special methodalogy to get rid of sectarian rift and economic debt. A win-win situation can be attained if the civilian-leaders become true to their nation. Anatol Lieven writes in his book; Pakistan is weak state but a strong society owing to its kinship bond and loyality. we should not be beyond nation-thinking and say; we are Pakistani in lieu off Balochi, Sindhi, Shia or Sunni. Such notion and thinking will make us stronger.