Verdict by sixth son of Saud about succession of monarch has shook the world, but not. As, Abdul Aziz through strenuous and untiring efforts of spreading wahabi doctrine clutched this land and the year was 1932 with vindication of masses. Then, ambushing query here is; why isn’t this transition fascinating? Is public not chilling with ousted name “Muhammad Bin Salman” as he is young zappy guy?

Hitherto, It’s time urging my dome to turn pages of history; so Al-Saud couldn’t be blamed for downtrodden living of acute people before 1932 residing in peninsula, but they did nothing after their control to kingdom as well to be environed by public. Significant  source of oil (Dammam well # 7) was discovered in 1938, 4th March and it uplifted kingdom to status of  the biggest oil producer in the world. Such discovery not only changed the views of world about monarch but also proved it as robust-financial investor based on oil -revenue generated economy. It meant that masses of kingdom had at that time strong social, moral and political status, but reality was pinching; the year, Saud gave up the ghost, Pakistan vindicated Kingdom though sending wheat (1954). Had Al-Saud not even that much resources to buy eatables for their masses having black gold in shape of oil?

Al-Saud family perhaps to my realistic vision has much more resemblance to the mughals of sub-continent; who washed their empire imbuing dreams like constructing tombs in the memory of their ladies and partying. Isn’t this matching righto because the kings of Saudi-kingdom has copied and then pasted mughals’ approach?  Once, time passed when dying muslim states like Pakistan, Syria, Bangladesh and many mores were starched by kingdom through oil-revenue generated notes. Here, Sheikhs grasped specific attitude of patronizing specific people and every card in pack was king for the kings of Kingdom.

With conversion of multipolarity into unipolarity, sole-unipolar of the globe under sheep clothing made use of monarch in Afghanistan against Russia by parralleling them with talibans of same mindset. likewise, this crownship was hoodwinked and utilized against anarchies in Gulf region, but crowned personalities didn’t pre-empt to view inside their monarch; which was going down in its health day by day.

Certain names like Hitler from Germany, Takuma Shimoyama from Japan, Mussolini of Italy and Ivan Konev belonging to Russia were apples of their public eyes. Inspite of being dictators, they ruled the world and couldn’t be missed. Contrarily, Gen. Zia and Gen.  Musharraf of Pakistan, Qadaffi of Libya, Hussni Mubarak from Egypt and Sadam belonging to Iraq  were also dictators, but they couldn’t grasp fame and yet being hated. This thin layer laid there because of public; earlier satisfied and were up to mark according to the imbuing demands of public, but minds of Pakistan and variant other canopies were not accepting negative approaches of their generals, wasn’t it? Actually paradigm is to illustrate stance; dictatorship is second portrait of Kingship. If masses of peninsula are enjoying their every breath then it will move on, otherwise God Almighty even couldn’t help those Kings or   dictators. Now, such scenario is totally annexed with Saudi-Kingdom, which is on the verge.

The Kings of Arabia never peeped into construction of their generations, but fulfilled all their demands through packages and money coming from wells. Don means America being biggest consumer of oil has filled its tanks through utilizing game and now watching purport show sitting at the back; like, isolation of Qatar from Gulf region and the world through blame game apprehending Kingdom. To a lebonani newspaper, the muslims of very shelter (lebnon) will approach sacred land through Israel planes for Umrah; still it’s not clear that Kingdom is under heavy-influence of sole-unipolar and isn’t it a pinching sign for the Muslims? furthermore, personal gifts to Trump on his arrival to Saudi-Arabia was worthing $4billion and his wife( Melannia Trump) was all allowed to walk without veil on the land, where no lady can drive. Isn’t this dual standard exhibiting phobia, monarchial legends are having? Really astonishing that when acute first lady inoculates herself to pope, she is viewed wearing veil.

Apprehending point of discussion again, Muhammad Bin Salman next to throne is bundling policy papers to starch monarch and bomboozle pro-iran Houthis in Yemen and Iran, but man is missing that Iranians and their followers are strict to their chant “Down with America” and are revolutionaries because robust nations are deeper in their thoughts and idealogies. Even gamer like America has finally barricaded their fleets and drones with stance “Not to stand against Mullahs”. Inshort, it’s fool to move against such nation, when you yourself are at the end of your power.

Stating the pith; It’s natural truth that ups and downs are there, if you are part of this mortal world. Saudi-Kingdom reached here because of a few wrong notions and doings like, they never polished cream (youth) of land for hardwork and later policies could do nothing. likewise, wedging its community towards a corner led their way towards steep; Qatar being a muslim state after its isolation made $12billion deal with Kingdom’s friend America of weaponaries. Isn’t it awful that muslim against muslim?

In short, attitude of masses never remains same about dictatorship or kingship, agitation ever arises and democracy with implementation becomes public demand. such glimpse is about to land in kingdom and monarchial rule will be no more.