Shanghai (Special Report) Progress made by China since 1949 is undoubtedly unprecedented in all respects. What American & Euorpean could achieve in terms of economic prosperity & strategic might, in last 200 to 300 Years , China has achieved that only in the last few decades. This mind bogling pace of inspiring progress is continuing with amazing speed said Senator Lt-Gen, (RETD) Abdul Qayyum while addressing Pakistani business community, students & employees in the world most marvellous model city of Shanghai, China.
The Secret of chinese success , the Senator went on to say, was hidden in the statesmanship of chinese visionary leadership , their acumen to utilise the human capital of 1.4 billion as an asset through quality education, their strong political will & commitment to boost economic growth by conceiving & devoloping unique economic development zones at Federal, Provincial & County levels which included IT , Higher Education, Biomedical, Logistics ,
Re-recreational & Industrial Parks. PMLN Leader who is also Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Defence Production besides being a member of Pakistan China Parliamentary friendship group said, Chinese Belt Road Initiative (BRI) Speaks volumes about towering stature of Chinese President His Excellency Xi Jin Ping, His abounding courage of his convictions, his broad vision as a state person & his superior politico-economic policies & strategies. Revival of 1000 Years old Silk Road/ maritime lanes is in fact a grand & a bold practical step for Eurasian economic integration & a plan for shared prosperity.

Pakistan , he said , was lucky not only for its land mass contiguity with a gigantic nation but also for enjoying all weather deep rooted friendship ties with this great country .

Reception was arranged by Dr. Naeem Khan Counsel General of Pakistan Shanghai. Pakistani Community members were advised to abide by local chinese laws & strengthen Pakistan China good will through handwork & dedication. Pakistani Community members raised points with regard to provision of PIA service to major cities , schooling issues for their childrens, burials problems in existing muslims grave yards & employment difficulties for students after completion of their graduation in china .
Senator Abdul Qayyum directed Consul General Shanghai to take up these issues with Foreign Office through our embassy in Beijing.
Prior to this Senator Abdul Qayyum visited one of the Chinese Industrial units NORTH GLASS & appreciated their contributions in the on going projects in Pakistan.