”Pakistan China Long Live” A Special Report from China


Beijing (special report) Address by Senator Lt- General retired Abdul Qayyum Hilal-e-Imitiaz Millitary, Member Pakistan China Parliamentary Friendship group to the chinese students of Tianjin Labour & Economic School on 16th may 2017

Excellency Mr Zhang Guo Xing & Mr Lang Xu Dong ,

1- Members of the Faculty & Dear Students, It gives me great pleasure to interact with you in this great institution ,namely:

” Tianjin Labour & Economic School ”

Which Imparts Technical / Vocational Training to Chinese Youth.

2- Focused Technical Education for various skills is extremely essential to equip our teenager Students to not only avail suitable employment opportunities but also boost industrial & agricultural based economic growth.

3- it is heartening to note that your great institution under the able guidance of your Principal His Excellency Mr Zhang Guo Xing, Is exposing you to Technical skills not only pertaining to Mechanical Engineering but also in Electrical & Electronic subjects.

4- it is satisfying to know that at present about 18000 Pakistani students are studying in different Chinese academic & Medical Institutions. We would now like to also benefit from your technical schools for acquiring diplomas in basic skills.
Chinese Government will not only be requested to train pakistani teachers & instructors but also to open some quality technical institutions in Pakistan.

5- Our Great Poet & Scholar Allama Muhammad Iqbal had said that

” Winds of prosperity will blow from the East ”

Chinese President His Excellency Xi Jin Ping’s Belt Road initiative (BRI) is in-fact that great Economic Concept which Pakistani Poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal had envisioned about 100 Years ago

6- Greatness of Chinese Civilisation did not even skip the mind of our Holy Prophet Muhammad may peace be upon HIM when he advised muslims about 1400 years ago to seek knowledge even if they had to go China.

7- Dear Students, 19th Century remained in full grip of the Western Colonial Masters, 20th Century was dominated by the Neo Colonialism of the Americans who have even today about 800 military basis in all continents of the World.

8- Now 21st Century is called as the Asian Century in which China is assuming the leading role. Economic & strategic centres of gravity are gradually shifting from the West to the East.

9- Chinese ” One Belt One Road ” Initiative has become Chinese new Silk Road Global Vision. in this modern & innovative economic prosperity concept, Pakistan is working as a glue or a binding force for Pan Eurasian integration at the convergence of civilisations.

10- OBOR ” is a concept of shared prosperity. It does not have hegemonic overtones because China believes in the philosophy of peaceful co existence.

11- It is the real & culminating phase of globalisation in which instead of exploitation of resources of developing & under developed countries, their integration for mutual benefits is being ensured. About 62 Countries of Europe, Asia & Africa will benefit.

12- Under the Leadership of his Excellency Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shirif the Prime Minister of Pakistan, through guidance of our elected Parliament & with co-operation of all political parties, Pakistan is on road to prosperity.

13- Morgan Stanley, a global financial head said,

” Rise of A nation like Pakistan whose 50 percent of
population is under 30 Years of age,
is only a matter of time”

14- I once again thank his Excellency Mr Zhang Guo Xing & Management of the School & Students for your kind patience with which you have heard my humble submissions & thoughts

Thanks YOU

”Pakistan China Long Live”