Load shedding is on its way out, Senator Gen R Abdul Qayyum


DHUDIAL …Pakistani nation has surprised the entire world by exhibiting extra ordinary resilience , courage and guts by bravely facing and surmounting unprecedented challenges of our entire history posed to our national security in last 16 years , Ever increasing militancy and ever worsening energy crises forced the world to predict Pakistan’s disintegration and even new maps of truncated Pakistan were also issued. However Pakistan under the leader ship of Nawaz Sharif fully supported by our brave Armed Forces led by Gen Raheel Sharif , all political parties and the entire nation turned the tables in just over 3 years. Militancy has been checked by 70 percent , load shedding is on its way out , promising macro economic indicators are being appreciated by renowned international monetary institutions and CPEC launched as fate changer said Senator Gen R Abdul Qayyum while addressing a big gathering in Daultala Town of Tehsildar Gujerkhan today. He was accompanied by Raja Javed Ikhlas MNA of the area while inaugurating a road and a Travel Agency.